Petals of Walton


We have a great range of floral products, suitable for a variety of occasions. Just select the flowers you want delivered, choose the size and the occasion, and leave the rest to us. 
Cala Creation
Pure and simple 6 Arum Lillies hand tied in water

Arum Lillies handtied  bouquet with complimenting mix of foliages
Cerise Charm
Large Cerise Charm floral display, hand tied in water

Hand tied bouquet with a mixture of lime green enhanced with cerise blooms

Circle of Love
Posey arrangement of pink roses,pink alstro,lilac phlox,white lissi.white Tanya and purple trachelium
English Garden
Large English Garden floral display, hand tied in water

Hand tied bouquet made up of flowers you expect to find in a typical English garden
Florists Choice
A front facing modern design using seasonal flowers and deluxe foliage in water. Very tasteful
Front Facing Designer
Large Front Facing Designer hand tied in water

Handtied bouquet beautifully arranged and designed with a modern concept with Roses, Hydrangea, lilies, bamboo and other seasonal flower`s
Gerbra Carnival
Large Gerbra Carnival display hand tied in water

Handtied Bouquet with a mixture of Gerbra plus other seasonal flower`s

In the Pink
In the Pink large floral display
Mother's Love
A basket arrangement of pink roses,pink lillies,pink alstro,lissi,lilac phlox and white lilac with lovely foliage